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All foreign students will be admitted to Singapore universities or Polytechnic Institutes only if they have valid student pass. All international students must hold a valid Student’s Pass issued by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).
To study in Singapore in any high quality education Institute, there are many things you’ll need. The requisite and equivalent grades required by the university. You’ll also need a Student Visa for Singapore to remain in the country till your course completes. To apply for Student pass you require necessary documents to support your application for a student pass to Singapore. These include photographs, proof of education and grades and financial ability.
European Overseas guide you for getting Student visa and also our professionals guide you about popular universities.

Each student visa application is considered on its individual merits. Assessment levels facilitate this process, allowing us to deliver fast. Anybody who wishes to study abroad, work or visit Singapore will need a visa. This includes certain information
1. Applying for the right type of visa – means in what category we need to apply visa like student visa, visitor visa, Work visa .
2. Application requirements – there are various pre requirements for applying application like Document of Identity , Authority Passport ,Passport, travel permit etc.
3. The importance of complying with visa conditions
4. Foreigners holding ordinary passports will require a visa to enter Singapore.
5. Sufficient funds to stay in Singapore
6. To obtain your Student Pass, you have to sign up with the special Student’s Pass. A Student Pass allows you to work during your studies.
7. For Business Visit or social visit you need to complete Form 14A (original).
8. The Employment Pass is for foreign professionals and executives who are interested to work in Singapore.
There are three categories of Employment Pass: P1, P2 and Q1 Pass.
9. The Personalized Employment Pass is a scheme introduced to overcome the limitations of the Employment Pass. A PEP holder is able to remain in Singapore for up to six months in between jobs to evaluate new employment opportunities.
10. There are other passes like S pass, Entry pass, Dependent’s Pass, Miscellaneous Work Pass, and Training Work Permit. For all certain requirements needs to be full filled.

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