Malaysia - Tourist Visa

Malaysia has beautiful Islands with clear blue skies, white sand, Buddhist temples attracting tourist from all over the world. Malaysian tourist visa is also known as Visa without Reference. Malaysia has people from different religions and cultures co-existing as one on this beautiful land. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is the best place to relax for holidays in coast beach resorts and has Twin Towers, the tallest building in the world to watch. Malaysia also hosts several international competitions, has a wide range of sports enthusiasts from around the world. People requires tourist visa who wants to Visit Malaysia for different reasons like visiting relatives, Tourism, Journalism / Reporting ,medical purpose, attending Seminars etc .The allowance of stay is up to 30 days for each entry to Malaysia but it may vary if granted by immigration officers. Tourist requires following documents to apply for Malaysia visa i.e. confirmed return air ticket with tour itinerary, Original passport, Malaysia visa application form duly filled and signed, bank statement reflecting transactions of last 6 months etc.
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