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The U.S. economy is the largest and most productive in the world. The U.S. accounts for one-fifth of global GDP. U.S. Foreign Direct Investment inflow is $736 billion. U.S market can be a rewarding venture for many foreign businesses. Business visa is required by the business person who wants to attend any business meeting, conference, business related work, Consultation with business associates, litigation, other legitimate activities of a commercial or professional nature etc. USA Business Visa (B1 Visa) is for business purpose. Business visa applicant must prove the purpose of their trip is to enter the U.S. for business. They should also give evidence of funds to cover expenses in the United States. E2 is the primary investor visa, required by the people who want to purchase a franchise or small business in the USA. E2 visas are considered nonimmigrant visas. E2 visa is issued for two or five year periods. Documents required for business visa are valid passport, Evidence of sufficient funds for the visit to US, Tax ID, PAN ID, last year’s tax-related document, property or business ownership, or assets.etc with duly filled visa application form DS-160.
Business Persons in B-1 status whose plans change and who wishes to remain in the United States after entering the country on a B-1 visa can apply for change of status to E-2, E-1, L-1 or EB-5 Status. EB-5 investors must invest in a new commercial enterprise. Businessperson from a qualifying treaty country, and plans to either engage in substantial trade with the U.S. or work for a company, then an E-1 Treaty Trader visa serves.

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